Seven hours left and I cannot say thank you enough to each and every one of you who has chosen to support this campaign. Your kind words and financial support mean the world to me. As the Indiegogo part of the project winds down, I’ll be forwarding money on to the Children of Vietnam ( and to Mrs. Hanh to help with her dream of opening a restaurant.

Mrs. Hanh heard a rumor that we were coming back; I’m so hoping we can make it sooner than later.

I hadn’t realized back when I started this campaign that our dear Mrs. Hanh would be losing her job as the Tam Ky cook this month and that the dream to open a restaurant was more than that, but a new avenue to support her family. I am grateful that together we’re able to help her.

Her position as cook ends this month due to the lack of volunteers going to Vietnam. The organization we went with has had to close down the center in Tam Ky and the children we learned to love back in 2007 and met in 2009 and those who have come to orphanages since will remain. But there will be no more volunteers to play games with them or bring them extra food and clothing.

I didn’t know any of this when I started, but something propelled me and I kicked off a handmade clothing drive soon after the Indiegogo campaign began. I’m thrilled to say that so far I’ve received more than 50 items for the orphans (pencil pouches, book bags, dress, tees, shorts and skirts) from four countries. The (loose) deadline is still two weeks from now and I can only imagine what will come for the children in that time. It honestly thrills me to see each new item, something handmade with love for children they will never meet.

Without all of your support, I could not have done any of this. To you I say thank you from the very bottom of my heart. My heart that is so tied to Vietnam, to Hanoi and Thanh Hoa and Tam Ky. I am grateful for you, for them, for the chance to spread the love and do just a little good in the world.

xo! teresa