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One of the things that has really stuck with me since our time in Vietnam is my love of fruits. I guess I’d never realized how many there were that I had never tried or heard of, but my mind was blown by the variety. My sweet tooth was thrilled by it! I still miss fresh mango and pineapple, but I make do. There are a few fruits I can get here (those are the easy ones to identify below) and some that just can’t seem to make the trip across the ocean with any flavor intact (some of those are there, too).

I wanted to share some of those favorites with you and thought I’d make a little contest of it. It’s only open for those who’ve pledged to our campaign, a little extra incentive. I’ll make you a lovely market tote to carry your groceries, or anything else, in if you are the first person to name them all correctly. English or Vietnamese names are acceptable.

On your mark, get set, GO!
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(This is a fruit seller in Tam Ky, just down the road from our volunteer house. It also happens to be the spot where 9-year-old Audrey was snatched by a local and dragged a bit down the road yelling “đi nhà!”go home! Not one of our better days.)