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Now that we have a few people who’ve pledged and at varying levels with different perks, I’m eager to get busy on getting the perks started!

Mrs. Hanh’s cooking–including Com Ga and veggies

I began typing in my Vietnamese Tet recipes a few days ago, hopeful that someone would want them. And they do! So excited to put it together. I’ve started a little to-do list for that project. Stuart will be taking the pictures and hopefully a friend will be able to do the layout. It is easier if you share the load, right?

Tonight I’ll be working on a calendar to make sure we get it all done at the right time. I’m definitely going to need it.

BTW, if you can share the campaign on your favorite social network or your blog or with your lunch buddies, please do. The link is http://www.indiegogo.com/phofor three. I totally appreciate your help!